3 Effective Techniques To Milk The Prostate

how to Prostate MilkingThe prostate is an important male reproductive gland surrounding urethra that plays a major role in determining fertility level in men. As this sensitive body part is responsible to produce the bulk of fluid that mixes with sperm units before ejaculation, making sure it’s healthy is an absolute must.

Unwell prostates become the reason behind roughly 2 million check-ups with medical professionals each year in the United States alone (Source). Prostatitis disease is often characterized by inflammation issues down there. This can cause painful, blood-filled urination, high fevers, back pains and even serious sexual dysfunction in men.

Although there are several medical procedures like acupuncture and warm bathing that doctors undertake to diagnose and treat prostatitis disease, massaging the surrounding area on your own happens to be the most preferred and effective one.

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Prostrate massages can be daunting for those just starting out with fertility treatments. The prospect of an individual’s finger pressing some of the most sensitive areas of your body for treatment purposes isn’t very comfortable for most people. Self-massage can prove to be an easy, comfortable and pleasurable way to ensure your prostate’s good health.

Have a look at three effective techniques to milk the prostate by yourself:

Lower Belly Rubs:

Gently massaging the area between the belly button and pubic bone is a less painful, effective way to improve prostate related health conditions. It improves blood circulation is reproductive areas and helps release unnecessarily blocked fluids.

There are a number of belly massagers available out there specially designed for prostate health improvement which make the massaging process pleasurable and less painful. Belly rubs can easily be performed by laying in a relaxed position and focusing pressure on lower navel area. This subtly liberates liquid blockage in the prostate area, reduced possible swelling and relieves muscle pain caused by the same.

Drainage Procedure:

Direct stimulation of prostate gland by inserting the lubricated finger in the male rectum is also called “drainage” has its results in the release of harmful blocked liquids and improves prostate functioning. Medical professionals find this milking technique particularly useful with long-term treatment of prostate’s patients.

Although performing this without someone’s help can be a little difficult, lying in a relaxed straight position on the bed and lubricating well does the trick. You’ll have to press the wall areas 3 to 4 inches inside the rectum for blocked fluids to drain out.

Though some men may experience burning sensations after going through drainage massage technique. The after effects can easily be fixed with healing ointment. Overall, this milking technique is worth giving a shot.

Perineum massage:

For men who prefer not going too hard-core with the prostate massage, exerting pressure on the perineum is a helpful technique to consider. The perineum is the sensitive area lying halfway between scrotum and anus, applying pressure on which directly affects the functioning of male prostates.

Getting customized massagers to exert just the right amount of pressure on perineum area can go a long way in pleasurably improving prostate health.