Best Ways To Treat Your Ladies Pleasure Button

asian-pussy-1238553_640Hopefully you know what it is by now. If you don’t go back and do a little more research on how to lick and eat pussy, then go out and test out a few theories on how to do it and then come back and read this article. So what is it? The Clitoris. According to the dictionary, the clitoris is a small, sensitive, and erectile part of the female genitals at the anterior even of the vulva. Of course, that is no way to describe it because then you are also looking up ‘anterior’ and ‘vulva.’ Quite simply, it’s the Pleasure Button, the most sensitive part of the female’s erogenous zones. Give it a poke and a wiggle, she how she reacts.
Randomly done, she’ll likely react with a scowl and a slap in your face. But done during the act of cunninglingus-Latin for vagina ‘cunning’ licking ‘lingus’, and also tied for most hilarious word with clitoris-and you will be doing her a great favor. More importantly, she won’t think you are a face virgin that hasn’t had his tongue doing the lingus on anyone else’s cunning before.
Even if you know what the clitoris is, and even if you know where it is, that doesn’t mean you can just do anything to it and expect it feel good for her. Imagine if some girl started grinding her teeth on the unberbelly of your erect wong. Would that feel nice? Same thing goes for her clitoris.
There are certain skills one must master to be effective at cunninglingus, especially when focusing on the Happy Dot.

1. First Things First
– Don’t just dive into the clit face first. Instead, it’s a good idea to warm up her vulva, clit, and surrounding area before you attack the clit itself. Get the blood going there first, then prepare yourself to move in. Just make sure that you’ve sufficiently tested the waters first. If your girl is too sensitive in that region, back off a little bit and just focus on it’s hood. In summary, be sure to make sure the water is right before jumping in.

2. Get Out The Broom!
– Once she’s good and ready. Pretend her clit is a dirty kitchen floor and your tongue is the broom that needs to sweep it. Left to right, continue to sweep because the dust just won’t come up. That sweeping motion gives an incredible level of stimulation to your lady and she will be glad you know that little trick.

3. Where’s The Vacuum?
– After you put the broom away, it’s time to pull out the Dyson. A vacuum is needed, that is, you should apply suction. Obviously you are not using a real vacuum, but your mouth can deliver a good amount of suction. Apply different levels and see what works for her. Be careful with this move, you don’t want to get to rowdy and injure her.

4. Spelling Practice
– What, homework? No, just as long as you remember how to spell your ABC’s. Turns out, spelling the ABC’s with your tongue provides each and every direction you should hit when attending to your lady’s clit. Good thing you went to grade school.

There’s a huge range of techniques out there. But if you master these ones and treat her with the delicacy and control that she likes, you’ll be her new best friend. She’ll be having you over for dinner every night.