The Advantages of Long Distance Semen Launching

cum-spray-1274889_640It might seem silly to think that the farther you can shoot you semen the better. But don’t be so quick to write off a skill that may have potential benefits for you and for others. Everyone has their special skills in bed, but shooting far is a skill all in itself. Likely, you don’t even practice trying to shoot far because nothing in that moment really matters anyway except for the sensation flowing through your loins. It’s easy to forget mid-orgasm that you could be working on your shot distance.
Let’s explore the ways that launching a load over the mountain is advantageous.

1. Most significantly, it shows your partner your enthusiasm.
– Your partner would likely feel a tinge of self-doubt if all you could manage out was a slow drip, or a tiny little glob. Likewise, going for distance can give them a boost of self-esteem. Seeing you explode far beyond their expectations helps them think they are attractive and possibly the only ones you have blown up for. So work on distance game help your partners feel better. Their comfort in bed will only spell dividends for you down the line.

2. You’re more likely to get a baby.
– Swimming through the entirety of the vaginal complex, sperm have a monumental task ahead of them. It’s the equivalent of swimming up a mountain’s poisonous river. If several million of us try it, maybe one would make it to the top.
Now you might be thinking: poor sperms, just trying to fertilize an egg. And you’d be right! So help them out by shooting a greater distance. The further you can boost them down the field, the greater chance they have of finding the end zone.

3. It shows your sexual expertise
– A lot of times, you’ll need to practice to be a distance thrower in this gooey disc toss. With that practice comes expertise and a lot of self-confidence. There is something about knowing you can hit the pillow from the foot of the bed that gives you an un-maskable confidence in bed. Your partner will sense this, but will they sense they should be ready to protect their eyes from any distance? They’ll learn the first time you show off your Spidey Web skills.

4. It looks a lot more impressive
– Think about it, if you go to a fireworks show and there is just one or two pops and bangs of bright colors. That is a significant waste of yours and everybody’s time. You want to see the grand finale with huge bursts, explosions of sound and color. The same thing goes for your cum shot. Shooting a massive load is a lot like seeing that grand finale. A poor few pops at the end just doesn’t do it. The icing on the cake should literally look like you spilled the icing if you truly want to impress.

Clearly, there are a plethora of advantages to having the ability to send a white rope across the bedroom. Keep working at it, and soon your partners will be calling you the Fire Truck.