Downstairs Dance Moves Your Fingers Should Know

girl-finger-me-732319_640As every 7th and 8th grade knows (or desperately wants to know) fingering a girl to completion and be a proper exercise in futility. Or just a proper exercise in general. It can be hard work. That being said, there are certain road maps you should follow if you want to increase the likelihood that will get your girl to come from finger work. Jabbing in and out like a maniac might be what you see in the videos you watch online, but remember that is unrealistic and those girls aren’t enjoying it as much as they seem to be. While not every girl is the same and you will have to experiment to find what works for whom, here are the techniques you should be using for best results.

1. Play With The Pussy
– No, don’t just dart right for the vagina and start fondling away hoping to get an incredible reaction from her. Instead, the pussy you should be playing is the cat you are pretending to pet. A cat you lurch right for will run away. A cat you let come to you wants pet all day. The same goes true downstairs for the ladies. Tease a little bit, rub her stomach, legs body, as close to her bagina as you can without touching it and sooner or later, that kitty will want you to rub it. So go ahead, play with that pussy.

2. Focus On The G’s
– Talking about the G-spot. And don’t tell me there isn’t one. If you think there isn’t it’s because you just haven’t found it. Fortunately, I can help you navigate through the wet pleasure cavern and find it’s buried location. With her on her back, your fingers should go in as far and deep as they can while maintaining contact with the upper wall of her inner-vagina. Keep your fingers in as deep as you can, then curl them like you are calling her towards you, this will apply pressure to her g-spot which is somewhere in there. Every girl’s is different so ask her it feels and see if she needs more or less pressure or a slightly different location. Not only does this show you know what you are doing, it also shows you are comfortable with her and want her to have a good time, essentially guaranteeing she’ll be back for seconds at a later date.

3. Button Smashing
– Nothing’s worse when playing video games and hearing one of your friends smashing buttons like he hates his controller. Get a grip and learn a bit about precision, man! However, there is a button you should be focusing on when using your fingers: the clitoris.

Ultra-sensitive, almost every woman every where says clitoral provocation is necessary to come. Be careful, it’s so sensitive there you don’t want to hurt her, but certainly don’t leave it alone.

Every one has different approaches and every one will have different reactions to your techniques. No one person can claim to know how to pleasure every other person. However, if you follow this guide, you”ll likely have so much success your fingers will be wetter than a slip-n-slide.