What You Really Need To Build Confidence

big-penis-1238713_640Pumping iron til your muscles explode? Getting a hair cut every other week? Buying a new wardrobe every year? Get the shiniest rims for your new sports car? What is it you do to build your confidence? Using aesthetics to compensate for other downfalls is a characteristic of basically every man. It’s a shame most men just can’t find their confidence on the inside. On the inside of their pants, that is. The importance of a possessing denim sea monster in naturally building confidence is crucial.

No guy is certain what he is doing when he loses virginity, and it’s unlikely he has seen many penises in his life up to that point, so it’s hard to know for him if he has a big or little member. With nothing to compare it to, first adventures into their sex life can be critical times for the purpose of building confidence. When someone else tells you it’s big, that’s when you know it’s big. You can guess before that, but you don’t really know.

The confidence that comes from knowing your partner enjoys your sausage helps you feel more comfortable in bed and enjoy it all the more. If you start to think that your partner isn’t satisfied, your inadequacies will outperform you skills and your performance in bed may suffer. Do not fear little-penised men: there are plenty of other ways to make sure your girl is pleasured!

That being said, we all find other ways to appear more attractive and build our confidence as well. Some men are the funny guys, or the charismatic ones, there’s the ones who have a talent, a skill, or an accent they use to their advantage. All of that works well, and for some guys may be all they need to secure their confidence in themselves. That’s great.

But what happens when you are at the party, flirting with the cutest girl in the room and she wants to feel what’s under your pants, only the guys with a baseball bat don’t flinch from it. Is that too unlikely? What about going skinny-dipping? There’s always a few people who don’t jump in. Some girls don’t either so it’s not a penis thing. And not every guy who doesn’t jump in has a small penis, but modesty is indeed rarer than small penises.

You’ll never know when your penis may accidentally come out in public. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion. When something like that happens, the small penis gives you nothing but shame. Now, there is not much you can do about that, or the fact you don’t have a bulge, but this article isn’t about solutions. You’ll have to get creative on your own.

So you can work out all you want. Show off expensive watches and clean rides and get haircuts so often it looks like your hair never grows. None of that will make up for the confidence failings in some situations that all men cross. There really is no substitute for confidence building, than having a PVC pipe in your pants.