3 Effective Techniques To Milk The Prostate

how to Prostate MilkingThe prostate is an important male reproductive gland surrounding urethra that plays a major role in determining fertility level in men. As this sensitive body part is responsible to produce the bulk of fluid that mixes with sperm units before ejaculation, making sure it’s healthy is an absolute must.

Unwell prostates become the reason behind roughly 2 million check-ups with medical professionals each year in the United States alone (Source). Prostatitis disease is often characterized by inflammation issues down there. This can cause painful, blood-filled urination, high fevers, back pains and even serious sexual dysfunction in men.

Although there are several medical procedures like acupuncture and warm bathing that doctors undertake to diagnose and treat prostatitis disease, massaging the surrounding area on your own happens to be the most preferred and effective one.

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Prostrate massages can be daunting for those just starting out with fertility treatments. The prospect of an individual’s finger pressing some of the most sensitive areas of your body for treatment purposes isn’t very comfortable for most people. Self-massage can prove to be an easy, comfortable and pleasurable way to ensure your prostate’s good health.

Have a look at three effective techniques to milk the prostate by yourself:

Lower Belly Rubs:

Gently massaging the area between the belly button and pubic bone is a less painful, effective way to improve prostate related health conditions. It improves blood circulation is reproductive areas and helps release unnecessarily blocked fluids.

There are a number of belly massagers available out there specially designed for prostate health improvement which make the massaging process pleasurable and less painful. Belly rubs can easily be performed by laying in a relaxed position and focusing pressure on lower navel area. This subtly liberates liquid blockage in the prostate area, reduced possible swelling and relieves muscle pain caused by the same.

Drainage Procedure:

Direct stimulation of prostate gland by inserting the lubricated finger in the male rectum is also called “drainage” has its results in the release of harmful blocked liquids and improves prostate functioning. Medical professionals find this milking technique particularly useful with long-term treatment of prostate’s patients.

Although performing this without someone’s help can be a little difficult, lying in a relaxed straight position on the bed and lubricating well does the trick. You’ll have to press the wall areas 3 to 4 inches inside the rectum for blocked fluids to drain out.

Though some men may experience burning sensations after going through drainage massage technique. The after effects can easily be fixed with healing ointment. Overall, this milking technique is worth giving a shot.

Perineum massage:

For men who prefer not going too hard-core with the prostate massage, exerting pressure on the perineum is a helpful technique to consider. The perineum is the sensitive area lying halfway between scrotum and anus, applying pressure on which directly affects the functioning of male prostates.

Getting customized massagers to exert just the right amount of pressure on perineum area can go a long way in pleasurably improving prostate health.

3 Surefire Ways To Make A Girl Cum

Make a Girl Cum Through OralGirls are the same as men. Much the same as men, they have to appreciate the joy of cumming. In any case, dissimilar to men, young ladies don’t accomplish climaxes effortlessly. You should be exceptionally patient and assault all her erogenous zones to give her everything the joy you can to make her cum. After that, all you would require is to escalate the pleasure for her to discharge too.

If you can make your young lady climax quick, then she will see you be a “sex ace.” If you are not ready to satisfy your lady in bed that she will abandon you for somebody who can. Try not to be terrified, however. If you need to figure out how to make a girl cum, at that point keep on reading the three hints beneath. Your young lady will love you for it.

1. Make the Correct Ambiance

This tip alone will get your young lady in an attractive state of mind. You see most men neglect to try and get this initial step right and ask why they are wrong at satisfying their lady. Dissimilar to men you need to speak to every last bit of her faculties and making the correct climate can set the tone in the first place.’

Tell your young lady how lovely and provocative she indeed is. You may surmise this isn’t basic however you would be stunned how turned on she can get when you promise her that you cherish her body for her identity. This will make her vibe exceptionally agreeable and lose to realize that you are not taking her for some sex protest.

2. Give Her Enough Foreplay

With a specific end goal to prepare her hot and for you, you should give her some foreplay dream. Note that if you do this correct, you can make them climaxing without having sex and just through oral sex.

Begin by kissing her tenderly and after that gradually stroking her everywhere on her body. Utilize your tongue to play with her delicate regions while whispering something provocative in her ears to get her significantly more turned on.

Additionally, fortify her clitoris. This is one of her most delicate regions. It has a few nerve endings and when efficiently animated can influence her to have exceptional climaxes. You can utilize your finger or even your tongue to rub her clitoris until the point when she has achieved an orgasm.

3. Stimulate Her G-spot

The g-spot is situated around 1-2 creeps on the upper dividers of her vagina. You can embed your either your pointer finger or your forefinger with the palm side upwards and back rub the zone. Not at all like the clitoris, the g-spot can endure long fortifying and give her various climaxes quick.

Now, go out there and make women go nuts with these techniques. You will be busy in no time!

Downstairs Dance Moves Your Fingers Should Know

girl-finger-me-732319_640As every 7th and 8th grade knows (or desperately wants to know) fingering a girl to completion and be a proper exercise in futility. Or just a proper exercise in general. It can be hard work. That being said, there are certain road maps you should follow if you want to increase the likelihood that will get your girl to come from finger work. Jabbing in and out like a maniac might be what you see in the videos you watch online, but remember that is unrealistic and those girls aren’t enjoying it as much as they seem to be. While not every girl is the same and you will have to experiment to find what works for whom, here are the techniques you should be using for best results.

1. Play With The Pussy
– No, don’t just dart right for the vagina and start fondling away hoping to get an incredible reaction from her. Instead, the pussy you should be playing is the cat you are pretending to pet. A cat you lurch right for will run away. A cat you let come to you wants pet all day. The same goes true downstairs for the ladies. Tease a little bit, rub her stomach, legs body, as close to her bagina as you can without touching it and sooner or later, that kitty will want you to rub it. So go ahead, play with that pussy.

2. Focus On The G’s
– Talking about the G-spot. And don’t tell me there isn’t one. If you think there isn’t it’s because you just haven’t found it. Fortunately, I can help you navigate through the wet pleasure cavern and find it’s buried location. With her on her back, your fingers should go in as far and deep as they can while maintaining contact with the upper wall of her inner-vagina. Keep your fingers in as deep as you can, then curl them like you are calling her towards you, this will apply pressure to her g-spot which is somewhere in there. Every girl’s is different so ask her it feels and see if she needs more or less pressure or a slightly different location. Not only does this show you know what you are doing, it also shows you are comfortable with her and want her to have a good time, essentially guaranteeing she’ll be back for seconds at a later date.

3. Button Smashing
– Nothing’s worse when playing video games and hearing one of your friends smashing buttons like he hates his controller. Get a grip and learn a bit about precision, man! However, there is a button you should be focusing on when using your fingers: the clitoris.

Ultra-sensitive, almost every woman every where says clitoral provocation is necessary to come. Be careful, it’s so sensitive there you don’t want to hurt her, but certainly don’t leave it alone.

Every one has different approaches and every one will have different reactions to your techniques. No one person can claim to know how to pleasure every other person. However, if you follow this guide, you”ll likely have so much success your fingers will be wetter than a slip-n-slide.

Best Ways To Treat Your Ladies Pleasure Button

asian-pussy-1238553_640Hopefully you know what it is by now. If you don’t go back and do a little more research on how to lick and eat pussy, then go out and test out a few theories on how to do it and then come back and read this article. So what is it? The Clitoris. According to the dictionary, the clitoris is a small, sensitive, and erectile part of the female genitals at the anterior even of the vulva. Of course, that is no way to describe it because then you are also looking up ‘anterior’ and ‘vulva.’ Quite simply, it’s the Pleasure Button, the most sensitive part of the female’s erogenous zones. Give it a poke and a wiggle, she how she reacts.
Randomly done, she’ll likely react with a scowl and a slap in your face. But done during the act of cunninglingus-Latin for vagina ‘cunning’ licking ‘lingus’, and also tied for most hilarious word with clitoris-and you will be doing her a great favor. More importantly, she won’t think you are a face virgin that hasn’t had his tongue doing the lingus on anyone else’s cunning before.
Even if you know what the clitoris is, and even if you know where it is, that doesn’t mean you can just do anything to it and expect it feel good for her. Imagine if some girl started grinding her teeth on the unberbelly of your erect wong. Would that feel nice? Same thing goes for her clitoris.
There are certain skills one must master to be effective at cunninglingus, especially when focusing on the Happy Dot.

1. First Things First
– Don’t just dive into the clit face first. Instead, it’s a good idea to warm up her vulva, clit, and surrounding area before you attack the clit itself. Get the blood going there first, then prepare yourself to move in. Just make sure that you’ve sufficiently tested the waters first. If your girl is too sensitive in that region, back off a little bit and just focus on it’s hood. In summary, be sure to make sure the water is right before jumping in.

2. Get Out The Broom!
– Once she’s good and ready. Pretend her clit is a dirty kitchen floor and your tongue is the broom that needs to sweep it. Left to right, continue to sweep because the dust just won’t come up. That sweeping motion gives an incredible level of stimulation to your lady and she will be glad you know that little trick.

3. Where’s The Vacuum?
– After you put the broom away, it’s time to pull out the Dyson. A vacuum is needed, that is, you should apply suction. Obviously you are not using a real vacuum, but your mouth can deliver a good amount of suction. Apply different levels and see what works for her. Be careful with this move, you don’t want to get to rowdy and injure her.

4. Spelling Practice
– What, homework? No, just as long as you remember how to spell your ABC’s. Turns out, spelling the ABC’s with your tongue provides each and every direction you should hit when attending to your lady’s clit. Good thing you went to grade school.

There’s a huge range of techniques out there. But if you master these ones and treat her with the delicacy and control that she likes, you’ll be her new best friend. She’ll be having you over for dinner every night.